The Big Book of the Sous-Vide

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If you want to eat healthy while impressing your friends and family by making delicious gourmet food, then this cookbook is for you.
The Sous Vide technique is an ancient technique for saving foods and cooking ina precise environment. With this procedure, you can cook all types of foods from expensive meat cuts to delicate fishes and veggies with precision without being a professional chef.
The Sous Vide process uses vacuum techniques for cooking gourmet food in water using precise water temperatures. With this process, the essential nutrients are saved in the food and not lost in the cooking process.
With this book you can be a professional chef at home with just a little effort and produce impressive and delicious food for your loved ones.
This Sous Vide cookbook contains the following topics:
– Introduction
– History of Sous Vide Technique
– Advantage of Sous Vide
– Health Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking
– The Basics of Sous Vide
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Snacks
– Dinner
– Dessert
This cookbook describes every aspect of Sous Vide for beginners. It is a gourmet way of creating nutritional food, a lifestyle that can easily be followed all your life.

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