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Soopa – Chews Papaya – Papaya 85g Juicy and delicious delicacy full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Papaya has “papain” digestive enzyme known to aid the digestion of proteins and soothing pain in the stomach. Papaya also has anti-parasitic properties that are beneficial in the fight against parasites. If your dog has bad breath, which is not assigned evil oral health, often smell can come from the stomach. It is worth to look at the food you’re feeding, while papaya definitely helps break the terrible gases and odors. Simple, tasty, nutritious and best of all delicacies. I love them! Suitable for dogs with kidney / liver, diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis and allergies. Composition: 100% Analytical components papaya (energy value): 257.1 kcaI / 100 g of about 10 kcal per chew (żujka) Values for 100 g: Fat 1.05% Protein 4.27% Cellulose (fiber raw material) 5.1% ash 4.5% Moisture 18.4% the appropriate for dogs with: problems with the weight of the pancreas inflammation Allergy low resistance liver or renal disease Diabetes Advantages: low-fat product Human Grade Safe and easy to digest supports oral health ingredients Natural Packing: 85g, vacuum-packed, plus sealed bags

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